Friday, June 14, 2013

fireflies and fireworks


Quick and dirty today, due to birthday plans. But the evening fireworks didn't break Ranger's brain as drastically as I feared. Still some calling when the other horses are out of sight, but he's settling in. Afraid he might interfere with Brisa's work, so I think I'll move him to the small lot just for a few days. We'll see.


Again, nothing. But I didn't expect time to write, so I don't feel too guilty. Will try to work tomorrow.


Made the mistake of trying a quick jog with Rain on leash. She handled it like a champ - my ankle, not so much. :( So intensely frustrated. See the podiatrist on Tuesday, but I quit taking Celebrex (gave me horrible stomach cramps) and ibuprofen just doesn't cut it. I know the doc will think it's my fault my recovery is so slow, but I hate pain pills and just want the darn thing to hurry up and heal.


Alec has enjoyed his birthday, I think. We crammed pizza, presents, friends, a bonfire, hot dog roast, s'mores, fireworks, and camping in today. He and his friends gave up on the tent and have crashed in my family room. I... do not like a house full of loud children that are not my own. But I'm glad Alec is having fun and I can't wait to send them all home. :P

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